Shop Drawings and Calculations for all types of structural elements including concrete, glass, wood, and metal work.


Awnings – Railings – Fences – Gates – Mezzanines – Trellis – Windows – Doors – And more


Structural Inspections at Job Site, General Structural Assessments, As-Built Plans (Legalizations), and 40 Year Re-Certification Inspections/Reports.

Our History

Consign LLC was birthed out of a passion for the art of Engineering and an honest desire to serve others.Carlos A. Gutierrez, CEO and Founder, started his professional career almost 40 years ago as a recent college graduate in Colombia.He spent years working for others, perfecting his craft, and specializing in structural design.When he immigrated to the U.S., Carlos quickly learned how the market worked here and continued to excel at his career.It wasn’t until around 2007 when he saw a major need for structural engineering design and consulting inside the construction industry, specially the metal world.He immediately decided to run with this vision and formed Consign LLC – a consulting engineering firm specializing in the design for structural elements such as metal, wood, glass, and concrete.Consign LLC’s success falls behind one standard and that is: Excellence.Our standard of excellence is found in how we treat others and the result of our work.


Here is a list of our oldest clients and the amount of years they have partnered with us:

  1. Toledo Iron Works - 11 Years

  2. Miami Awning - 12 Years

  3. Atlantic Awnings – 11 Years

  4. Laza Iron Works – 10 Years

  5. Valrose Awnings - 11 Years


frequently asked questions

1) What are your prices?

Pricing ranges from project to project. Please provide scope of work, job site address, and email information and we will get back to you with official pricing via email.

2) What is your standard turnaround time?

The standard turnaround time is of 7 – 10 business days. If you need a faster turnaround, please give us a direct call at our office number to arrange.

3) Do you also include permitting services?

Our service does not include permit running services.

4) What if I get comments back from the corresponding county/city hall?

If there are any comments/denials from building department we assume responsibility for fixing them until final approval is given. This is already included in our initial pricing.

5) Are there any extra costs after initiating projects?

The only extra costs involved while doing a current job would be if there are any inspection letters required or if the structure were to change after the original job has begun.

6) Do you also provide MEP plans?

We typically do not include any MEP plans as we are a structural engineering firm only. However, if you need a custom structural + electrical package please feel free to contact us directly.

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